Aerial Media Marketing in Real Estate, it’s time to raise expectations.

Gimmick or Gamechanger?

Whether it’s the same old McHouse in the suburbs, another condo in the same building again and again – or it’s an executive listing, there’s always a place for aerial marketing and sellers are starting to demand it. Here’s why:


When you are selling an expensive condo at Lansdowne Park, does it make sense to compose yet another picture that is one third building and two thirds sky?

Aerial Ottawa 1035 Bank

Or should you show TD Place and the Rideau Canal?


With an older building in a great neighbourhood do we need to keep seeing 50 shades of brown?

Aerial Ottawa 99 Holland

Or can we see the neighbourhood?


This building is often called ‘Ottawa’s power address’ – so why show potential buyers a picture that looks like it was taken by a tourist?


This is how a landmark needs to be presented.


Is your real estate team making your listing stand out?

Real estate agents love a gimmick – QR codes, listing ‘syndication’, 360 panoramas, smell-o-vision and of course “we’ll buy your house for ca$h** double asterisk, horribly tacky and unacceptable conditions apply, we’ll show you the fine print later, sign here, press hard.” Let’s put it this way – if you tend to say “cash” and spell it with a dollar sign in your advertising you shouldn’t be selling houses, you should be buying silver and gold for CA$H, oh yeahhhh! Just my humble opinion.

That being said, thanks to the internet age buyers and sellers are savvy enough to tell the difference between weak services and something that actually makes a difference. When it comes to making our listings stand out we take a custom approach for every property we have for sale. Video presentations, professional photography, aerials – this high-end media sells homes because it forces buyers to spend a few precious extra moments looking at the listing. It is a lot of work for a little extra attention but it brings big results. For our media needs we always use:

Lofty Lens Ottawa Aerials

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