What to expect when you’re Inspecting- Ottawa Real Estate Home Inspections


So you have found the perfect home, made an offer, negotiated with the seller and have an accepted conditional offer.
Now what?

The Conditional period following an accepted offer, often ranging from 5-10 business days depending on the type of property, is intended to allow the Buyer time to arrange their financing, set up their insurance and inspect the home. There are many possible conditions – but we tend to see financing, inspection in virtually every offer.

So what is a home inspection and why do I need one?

Frankly, whether it’s your first home or your tenth, the average buyer is just not able to understand and examine all the inner workings of a home.  Houses are full of mysteries and buying one is a big decision not to be taken lightly.  A qualified home inspector will tell you more about a home in 3 hours than you would be able to see on your own with your Realtor,your friends or even your self proclaimed handyman Father!  An Inspector will inspect the main components of the home being: Roofing, Exterior, Structure, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Insulation, Plumbing, and the Interior.  Once the inspection is complete the Home Inspector will provide the Buyer with a written report to review. The written report is something that will not only assist you during the conditional period, even seasoned buyers will find that they use the report as a reference as they maintain and renovate the home as the years go by.

Should I be present during a home Inspection?

Absolutely!  Being present for your inspection is not necessarily required, the Inspector and your Realtor will be present but we definitely recommend it.  It’s a great opportunity to learn about the house, see any issues first hand and get a hands on lesson in everyday maintenance. Good inspectors tailor the experience to your needs – maybe it is your first home and you need information on how it works and how to maintain it, or maybe it is your fifth home and you need the inspector to focus on finding defects.

How much will this cost me?

Again, depending on the home and many factors like whether it is on municipal water and sewer or whether there is a pool/hot tub or other unique features, typical homes would require a basic Inspection ranging between $400-$500 dollars.


No, actually clients of the Trending Property Shop get a free inspection. You pick any inspector you want, we rebate the cost back to you when your sale closes. For more information visit: http://www.trendingpropertyshop.com/buyers/custom-search/

Will the Inspector tell me not to buy the house if the Inspection does not go well?

No. Not really.  The Inspector is hired to give an unbiased, professional opinion.  He or she will definitely point out any concerns and be able to elaborate on future costs associated with the issues but ultimately the decision is yours whether to go through with the purchase at that time.  We always recommend conducting the inspection when there is still time in the conditional period to review the report, discuss with your Realtor and investigate any issues further if needed.  Most problems can be remedied but if there are major issues the Buyer is well within their right to walk away from the sale at this time.  Just remember though, no home is perfect and owning one will always require a financial commitment for maintenance.

What happens if the Inspector misses something?

Inspections have limitations and your Inspector will elaborate on that with you prior to the inspection.  Depending on the time of year some problems may be hidden.  For instance, if the roof is covered in snow the Inspector will not be able to go up on it to investigate.  Likewise, the air conditioner would likely be unable to be properly inspected during the winter months.  These sorts of issues are unavoidable but the Inspector will do everything within his/her power to investigate the components they can.  You as the Buyer will also have to do your own due diligence to ask questions and bring up any concerns with your Realtor during the conditional period.

Will my Realtor tell me which inspector to hire?

No, the decision is yours and you should definitely do your homework when hiring one but your Realtor knows many qualified Inspectors and will definitely recommend one he or she trusts and has worked with in the past. Here are some of our favorites:

Sean Shea http://www.precisionhomeinspections.ca/

Raymond Segouin http://www.aboutthehousehomeinspection.com/

Manjur Mirza http://www.reliable-inspection.com/

Happy house hunting!