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Public commission rate discussions are a taboo subject in real estate circles. The truth is that there is no ‘standard rate’ – it is actually against our regulations to claim that there is such a thing. Different situations, location, and property type all play a role in commission rates. Level of service plays the biggest role. We are committed to you getting uncompromised service and we will never handicap your listing in order to offer a lower rate. It would be like going to the movies on half-price Tuesday and having them stop the movie half way through. You get what you pay for and if there is one thing that is always true in real estate, what you may save with a discounted rate is far lower that what you’ll gain or lose based on whether you picked the best, or worst, agent to represent your sale.

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We are the only professional group that works on a contingency basis. We provide services and we are only paid for those services if they are successful. Our work is the only service you will find that comes with a true money-back guarantee. The Seller and the agent both share the risk of failure, they’re in it together and that is the way it should be. Think about this when you are asked to trust a real estate service or marketing plan that asks you to pay up front.

We are committed to offering you the best rate possible and we have found that for our level of service WE DO OFFER THE LOWEST RATE. We actively undercut the competition where we can but provide more services so that you don’t hurt your listing by going after the best rate. We encourage you to look at a few options even if you have worked with a specific agent in Ottawa in the past, many agents don’t like knowing that they are competing for a listing. We love new clients and we pride ourselves on being able to find the most effective real estate solution for your needs. Simply fill out the form below and we will respond within an hour.

When you are selling what is probably your greatest asset we know that you have many options, it’s our job to be your best choice from start to finish.

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