Sellers Uncompromised Service

We believe that there is no substitute for innovative marketing and excellent exposure when it comes to listing your home for sale. This means that we don’t excuse ourselves from our duties by telling you that something “doesn’t work”

Some projects are great do-it-yourself undertakings but selling your home isn’t. There is a lot of effort that goes into getting a buyer’s interest in a way that leads to a serious offer – and there are too many potential pitfalls between getting an offer and a successful closing to risk going it alone. We know that there is a lot of free advice out there but is no substitute for having a team of professionals who are legally and ethically obligated to providing the best possible service and advice to you.

Let us help!

Our ‘beyond-full-service’ listings feature the following:

We help you get your home list ready so that it is presented to the market in the best way possible. We have many contacts that have earned our trust over the years – stagers, painters, storage providers, contractors, you name it.

We create print advertising that includes full colour features and ‘just-listed!’ cards distributed to other real estate brokerages. We don’t spend your money advertising ourselves to your neighbours – with a “Hey, guess who just listed with us..?” mail-out. When we use paper to showcase your home we direct that advertising to buyers and agents.

We are going to get some great pictures of your property. We work in media and have our own equipment – your home will be presented with some tasteful wide-angle shots that show whole rooms without making the home look deceptively huge (no fish-eye!). When a photographer is hired by other agents it is a one-shot deal, if the time of day the pictures are taken make certain rooms look bad or if the weather doesn’t cooperate there aren’t any free do-overs. The Trending Property Shop is always at your disposal when it comes to re-taking pictures to take advantage of better sunlight conditions or to reflect seasonal change.

We say that “if a picture speaks a thousand words then a video says it all.” We promote your property with a live-action video tour, not simply a slideshow set to music. We talk about the home briefly just as we would with a prospective buyer and then we present the home in a way that pictures could never emulate. Close-ups of features, room layouts, our videos are more than a virtual tour – they function as an online open house. Your time will not be wasted by short showings from buyers who say “I didn’t like the layout.” Our videos are often shared by buyers to their family and friends looking for approval, or simply out of excitement! We have been doing this for years, and within the next decade media presentations like this will become a real estate standard.

We handle the calls and inquiries, we book the showings, request feedback and communicate so that you aren’t left in the dark. We speak to buyers, we qualify them and make sure that your time isn’t being wasted.

We can research the ever changing real estate market conditions and adjust your marketing specifically. The competition in an active market changes from week to week – we make sure that you receive regular updates.

We absolutely love doing open houses, don’t let the competition tell you that they don’t work! Some make the argument that agents do open houses only to meet buyers, but why wouldn’t you want qualified buyers who agents want to meet looking at your home? The truth is that many serious buyers decide to look before notifying their own buyer agent, so when they go into an open house that works for them they often call up their agent to take a second look a few days later. Open houses offer buyers anonymity. Sure it is rare that a buyer walks into an open house saying ‘I want it! Where do I sign?” but many times at the Trending Property Shop we have seen offers come in from other agents and we have recognized the buyer’s name from a recent open house register.

We will always keep your home trending. We make sure that you get fantastic social media exposure – Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram thousands of Ottawa contacts will be notified as soon as your listing goes up and whenever we do an open house.

We list your home on which then syndicates your listing to over 100 other websites worldwide.

We showcase your listing on the where we deliver extra information to potential buyers, more pictures, your video, and map features all on a single attractive page.

We offer buyer agents the standard 2.5% commission rate regardless of what we receive for the listing end. Rest assured that all of Ottawa’s 3000 member strong Realtor community will be happy to show, promote and sell your home to their clients.

We always offer you a lower rate upfront for situations where buyers come directly to us to buy your home. We also offer a free inspection credit to buyers in order to increase your odds of saving big!

We follow-up our great listing service with an even better negotiation effort on your behalf. Negotiation is all about having a strategy from the start and being prepared to respond to any counter that may come your way – you will be well informed, we can give you some insight in regards to where the offer is coming from, any backstory, and the best way to work with the other agent. You will always have options, most negotiations involve some compromise but our sellers always feel a sense of control.

We provide great aftercare. Documents are delivered to your lawyer in a timely manner. We maintain a loose schedule on closing day in case you need us for anything. And, you will be a client of the Trending Property Shop for life – we will always be there if you need any advice or information.